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Power Banks — Your Mobile Power Source

Nowadays are full of modern issues, that are combined our daily routine. One of the most widespread problems is a lack of power among gadgets we often use. Portable chargers are a good solution to deal with this point. Being a retailer of such devices, wholesale portable chargers are the key of successful business start up. Our company are able to offer a range of chargers. Capacity, design, model, size are available for customers. Our wholesale power banks have a high quality and provide excellent charging in different conditions.

Power Bank Distributor: Your Charging Solution

If you require a reliable supplier of bulk portable chargers, your choice should fall on Proove – a leading power bank distributor.  Having a big amount of product, which you can meet with safety standards and the highest quality. To make you sure in our responsibility, we select the good with extremely carefulness and control the quality on each step of their obtaining. Buying bulk power banks from us, you can be sure of their reliability and efficiency. We personally guarantee convenient terms to get us in cooperation and individual approach to every client.

Power Bank Wholesale Deals on the Prooveglobal website

Are you willing to make an order power bank wholesale right now? Welcome to Proove! Here you can search and browse a full range of products and add portable chargers bulk to your shopping cart, and then make an order in a few clicks. Moreover, we offer flexible payment terms and convenient delivery packs.

What criteria should I consider when ordering power banks in bulk?

  • Battery capacity.
  • The number of charging ports.
  • Size and weight.
  • Brand and reputation.
  • Additional features.
  • Design and style.

Our sales managers and professionals are always ready to give an answer to every question you may ask. They also can help you to choose the best product for your business. In this case, do not miss the chance to become a partner and a good retailer with us. Contact us anytime and provide your customers with full access to a source of power whenever and wherever!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What capacities do you offer?

Our range is full of portable chargers in bulk started with basic models with 5000 mAh, finishing to powerful getting 30000 mAh capacity. It gets you an opportunity to choose capacity you definitely need for your customers and your business.

What are the terms and conditions for bulk purchases?

We provide favorable conditions for bulk portable charges and their purchases, that include a discount system. Please contact our sales team to get more information on bulk prices and their terms.

What is the warranty on your power banks?

You can obtain a warranty on all our power banks, according to the law. The period of warranty can be various, depending on the devices` model. If you are wondering about these terms, contact our managers.

How is the delivery of goods?

Our products are delivered all over the country due to responsible and reliable logistic partners. Our company also provides a self-delivery service from our warehouses. Please contact our logistics department to clarify delivery conditions.

What should I do if the goods arrive with a defect?

If you suddenly detect some defects in the products, please contact our customer service to get details of your next steps. We immediately arrange a refund or exchange. Our guarantees prompt resolution of any issues you may have.