Electric scooters

Why is it profitable to order electric scooters wholesale from us

Electric scooters have become a real breakthrough in the world of transportation. It is not only ecological, but also a convenient way of transportation. This type of transportation is suitable for those who already have a driver's license and those who do not have one. An electric scooter can be used for active recreation in the park and quick movement around the city without traffic jams, including commuting to work.

Wholesale purchase of electric scooters from us provides many advantages for other businesses:

Quality of goods

We independently check the quality of goods at the factory so that you don't receive faulty goods and are confident in what you are selling. We have several models of electric scooters in our range, allowing businesses to choose the ones that best suit their customers' preferences.


Buying an electric scooter wholesale gives you the opportunity to get substantial discounts and special prices for wholesale partners. Purchasing in bulk allows a business to get better prices on products, which can improve product margins and increase overall profits.

Customer Support

Our company provides quality customer service and support, which is important when entering into a long-term partnership. We are ready to help with the selection of goods, organization of delivery and solution of any issues.

Stability of supply

Wholesale purchasing ensures stable availability of goods in the business assortment, which helps to avoid shortages of goods and ensure the continuity of business processes.

Features of choice when buying electric scooters wholesale

Before diving into the wholesale electric scooter market, it's significant to understand the criteria for deciding which ones to buy electric scooters wholesale.

Users usually consider these factors before buying an electric scooter:

  • run time on a single battery charge;
  • motor power and hill climbing capability;
  • speed;
  • charging time and availability of fast charging options;
  • weight and compactness;
  • quality and reliability of construction;
  • protection against moisture and dust;
  • convenience and comfort of operation;
  • cost and availability of spare parts and services.

Variety of electric scooters on the Prooveglobal website

Buy a scooter wholesale from our range because they are a combination of style and functionality, ideal for daily trips around the city. Compact design, efficient batteries, and easy operation make the scooter a great way to get around busy streets.

Urban electric scooters

Our range of urban electric scooters combines style and functionality, perfect for everyday city commuting. Compact design, efficient batteries and easy handling make our scooters a great way to get around busy streets.

Models for out-of-town travel

To meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts who want to feel the adrenaline away from the usual routes, our electric commuter scooter wholesale are a great choice. They are built to ride over rough terrain and in challenging conditions, providing high performance and reliability. With these scooters, you can explore new horizons with confidence and total comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.What delivery terms are provided for electric scooter bulk orders?

We offer flexible delivery terms for wholesale customers. Delivery can be carried out by both national and international carriers. Delivery time and cost depend on the order volume, geographical location and customer requirements.

2.What are the warranties on wholesale electric scooters?

We guarantee the quality and reliability of all wholesale electric scooters. In case of defects or products not meeting the stated specifications, we provide full warranty and provide replacement or refund.

3.What discounts and special offers are available for wholesale customers?

We provide individual discounts and special offers for wholesale customers depending on the order volume and duration of cooperation. Contact our wholesale department to find out about special conditions for your order.

4.How is support and service handled after a bulk order is placed?

We provide full support after making a bulk order. Our team is available to assist you with any product questions or concerns. Contact our customer service department for further assistance.