Power Strip Homester PD-03

Stylish and functional device
  • Cable length
  • Electric current
  • Fast charging protocols
    PD 3.0 + QC 3.0
  • Input voltage
  • Material
    Fire-resistant VO plastic
  • Output connector
    2xUSB, 2xТуре-С, AC(EU)
  • Plug type
  • Power
  • Color

Power Strip Homester PD-03 1AC 65W allows you to charge several different devices from a single outlet. The surge protector has connectors: Type-C, USB, and AC, so you can charge both your smartwatch and laptop. It also supports fast charging: PD3.0, QC4+, FCP, AFC, PPC, BC1-2. Which speeds up the recovery of the gadget, which means it saves you time.

Technical specifications

Power Strip Homester PD-03 1AC 65W is manufactured using the latest GaN technology. Thanks to which the device has acquired high power, compact size and high efficiency. This made it possible to fit 2xUSB, 2xType-C ports, with a total power of 65W and an AC output of up to 3250W into the size of a conventional filter.

Protective properties

Power Strip Homester PD-03 1AC 65W is equipped with an intelligent protection chip. It recognizes the type of device and automatically adjusts the charging power according to the need. It also protects your electronics from short circuits, power surges, high temperatures and electrostatic effects.