Reliable support for your phone
  • Goods
    • Car Holder Proove Basic Air Outlet Car Mount
  • Installation method
  • Color
  • Feature of the product
    Powerful magnet; 360° position adjustment; soft-touch coating.
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  • Device mounting
  • Installation method
    Silicone clamp
  • Material
    ABS plastic + silicone
  • Place of installation
    Ventilation grille
  • Color
Secure fixation

Basic is fixed to the deflector with a special metal hook. The built-in magnet firmly attracts the gadget, keeping it fixed, even when driving on uneven roads or in case of sudden braking. The magnetic surface does not scratch the body of the smartphone or case, even with frequent use.

Ease of use

Basic has a minimalist design that complements the look of the cabin. And thanks to its small size, it does not block the road and leaves the smartphone in easy reach. The phone on the holder can be adjusted through a full 360°, so you can choose the best position for you.